"Neptunes Surf Coaching gave all the girls from the Semaphore SLSC who attended the camp, a great start to learning safe surfing skills.  They all had a blast over the 2 days and all of them stood up and got a ride on a wave.  They could not keep the smiles off their faces on the way home and want to do it again.  Semaphore SLSC will definitely look at hosting more of these surf camps in conjunction with Neptunes.  Thanks Mark, on behalf of the girls, it was great fun!"
Damian Brogden
Director, Corporate Services, Semaphore SLSC

"Considering this was our first time surfing we think that the teaching was brilliant, and after a few lessons we were also able to get up and surf our first waves.  All together we made a lot of progress, and after just two days of surfing we could also take on a shorter board.  Mark himself also takes a lot of time to explain everything the way it is meant to be, and he put a lot of effort in to make sure everybody had a good time out in the water."
Paul Maib, Lucas Sommer & Thomas Sommer
Gera, Germany

“Mark Harris of "Neptunes" has been teaching my children and myself surfing for a few years now.  He is passionate and enthusiastic about what he does.  We have all learnt a lot and have had a great opportunity to learn in a beautiful unique part of the world, where each day the surf can be different.  Mark has great patience and teaches you at your own pace and has the ability to give you challenges safely in the water.   It is obvious he lives for surfing and has imparted some of that excitement in us.  We look forward to our times at BerryBay and will continue to do so.  I strongly endorse Mark as a surf instructor and I thank him for sharing the wonder of surfing BerryBay with us.  He is the best!”
Carmel Ward
Redwood Park, South Australia

“Surfs Up - Neptune’s surf coaching provides an exciting, well supervised and organised ride in the waves.  Mark Harris, the principal instructor delivers a very safe and professional approach to surfing for all ages.  Each individual is appropriately fitted into high quality surf wear and boards suited to age and height if required.   The programme includes education on being sun smart, physically prepared and water safe.  For our three young children, the experience is pure fun in the captivating surf of the Yorke Peninsula. The girls have demonstrated great improvement over a series of summer and school holiday lessons.

The coach is friendly and encouraging, capturing the enthusiasm to such an extent that they all can’t wait until the next surf lesson.”
Sam & Vivian Hall
Malvern, South Australia